Tekiture TekDesk – A Serious Desk for Serious Gamers

$389.00 + Free Shipping

TekDesk specifications

  • 23″ x 47″ Moon Gray surface
  • 44-key remote control + over 16 unique colors
  • Retractable tablet stands that support both smartphones and tablets
  • Removable anti-slip pads for tablet stands
  • A padded leather edge to protect wrists and forearms.
  • Adjustable leg height
  • Tekiture Cable Management System
  • A large cup holder
  • Free shipping for contiguous United States customers

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*Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery*

Create a World Beyond the Edge of Your Screen

Light up your gaming world with a blast of color from the remote controlled LED lighting system. The lighting setup not only looks awesome, but it is also energy-efficient and built to last.


Maximize Your Gaming Experience

The TekDesk consolidates all of your tech devices on a functional, spacious surface – elevating your gaming experience. Multitask with your monitor, tablet, and phone all at your fingertips. This gaming desk accommodates two large monitors along with racing wheels and joysticks. Leather padding protects your wrists making long play sessions more comfortable.

Make the Smart Choice

With adjustable leg height and more, the TekDesk is designed to be functional and comfortable. Avoid stress injuries and back and neck problems associated with prolonged computer use. Instead get the TekDesk that’s ergonomically designed to facilitate comfortable work and gaming.

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Shipping: FREE ground shipping within the United States (lower 48 only). Contact us for inquiries outside of U.S.A.


Tekiture LLC is a Connecticut-based company founded in 2014. The name, ‘Tekiture’ comes from the fusion of technology and furniture. We are committed to serving quality products to our customers.