Gaming Desk Features


LED Lighting

The Tekiture desks use the LED Lightning Belt 5050 to create a room filled with color. The power supply is 12V 5A. Each desk comes with a 44-key IR RGB Remote Controller. The remote control has buttons for On/Off, brightness, custom color shades, and automatic color changing. The LED’s are waterproof, though we do not recommend getting them wet.

Velcro Cable Management System

Strategically placed Velcro loops secure all loose wires to the desk. Five Velcro loops are placed in the back of the desk, with additional loops placed directly underneath the desk. The loops bind the power supply, IR receiver, and all associated wires to the desk as well.


Padded leather edge

Black leather padding extends across the entire front edge of the desk. This allows for maximum comfort and flexibility for where the user places their wrists or forearms. Strain from lengthy computer sessions is greatly diminished, meaning you can remain comfortable for much longer. The padding is soft, easy to clean, and adds a unique aesthetic to the desk.

Tablet Stands

Two retractable tablet stands are built into both sides of the desk, facing the user. Content from the devices is angled directly towards the user’s face. The user can seamlessly glance at a tablet or smartphone without having to remove attention from their computer monitor. YouTube guides, Netflix videos, forums and text messages are all within easy reach. Anti-slip pads prevent mobile devices from slipping, regardless of if they have a case or not. If more desk space is needed, the tablet stands retract into the desk creating a flat surface. The anti-slip pads can be peeled off, washed in water, and re-applied as needed.


Cup Holder

Every TekDesk comes with a chrome cup holder that measures 3.5” in diameter. This is large enough to hold most drink sizes – even a 16 oz. energy drink or a 20 oz. coffee cup. The cup holder comes unattached and is easy to clean.



Compare Features TekTop TekDesk
23″ x 47″ black desk with matte finish
44-key remote control + over 16 unique colors
Adjustable leg height
Velcro wire management system
Retractable tablet stands that support both smartphones and tablets
Removable anti-slip pads for the tablet stands
A padded leather edge to protect wrists and forearms.
A large cup holder