About Us

Tekiture: Maximize Your Gaming Experience

Tekiture, a Connecticut-based company, has been designing technology-infused furniture since 2012. Created in the spirit of technology, organization, and fun, Tekiture seeks to design furniture shaped by your technology needs.

Your desk should have an ergonomic perch for all of your most beloved electronics – tablets, computer monitors, and smartphones. It should seek to mitigate problems associated with long computer sessions, allowing for more comfortable work or play. A desk should perform with the user in mind, and it should look good doing it.

Our Story

The entrepreneurial inspiration for Tekiture came, fittingly, from an intense video game session in 2012. Founder Kristopher Hovland, playing Battlefield 3, charged an enemy when another soldier jumped from cover and sprayed him with bullets. Surprised, Kristopher jolted, his heart racing.

“It’s wild how immersive gaming has become,” he thought.

From that seminal moment, Tekiture emerged. Wheels turning, Kristopher mulled concepts for furniture that would meet the needs of this new era of gaming. Two years and several prototypes later, Tekiture finalized its designs. We don’t plan to stop here.

“I have many ideas for additional features, but I need to start off with something that I can actually get a manufacturer to produce. Once I have proven my concepts, we can take this even further,” Kristopher promises.

We Want to Make Your Life Better

This is our founding principle. At Tekiture, we believe a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind, and we take that rather seriously. We want to give your technology a place it belongs, so you actually use and enjoy all of your electronics. We also believe in the power of altering one’s mood based off the colors of their environment. You can stimulate your mind with any color you please. Relax after a long day by surrounding yourself with ocean colors. Boost creativity by immersing yourself in an exotic fuchsia glow or even activate your own personal gaming mode by switching to a fiery red! Whichever color you pick is fine with us – just have fun with it.

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