Merge the Gaming Universe & Your Own: Furniture Created with Play in Mind

Tekiture LLC designs gaming desks for tech enthusiasts and gamers. The concept was born one night playing Battlefield 3, and from there our TekDesk and TekTop designs evolved. Now, Tekiture LLC develops technology-infused furniture for gamers and our team continuously pushes to make the gaming experience bigger and better.


Light up your gaming world with a blast of color from the remote controlled LED lighting system. Create a world beyond the edge of your screen!

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Conduct a symphony of lights that illuminate the entire room. Stimulate your mind and change your mood with over 16 different colors.

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TekDesk – A Better Way to Play

With enough space for an extensive PC setup that includes additional monitors or other gaming accessories, convenience features like padding and cup holders, as well as our exclusive LED lighting – your Tekiture desk becomes an extension of your computer and all your other devices.

Our cable management system and device stands manage cables and reduce clutter. No awkward digging for wires, tangled cable messes, or knocking over devices on the table.

LEDs – Bring Your Game to Life

However, what’s most unique is that our desks are designed to expand the gaming atmosphere to your room. Set the stage for an epic battle or relax in a tranquil setting: LED lighting illuminates your space in 16 different colors. Not only does this provide ambient light but also illuminates your setting, so you can become more focused and immersed in your games.